Chapter 9

The light in the text symbolic of Joe’s hope of surviving the situation. When the beam of light broke through the surface above Joe, he saw a way out of the crevasse, although a difficult one. The light illuminating the wall of loose snow was essentially telling Joe that the wall was the only way of surviving the encounter. “The Voice” that Joe speaks of as he was planning his route to get to the glacier is his will to live. The Voice wasn’t present as Joe was hanging from the ice bridge because he was ready to fall to the bottom of the crevasse, ending his pain. as he began to lower himself and he was scared of the unknown of the void, the voice urged him to lower further, in case there was a chance of survival, thus he found the floor of ice suspended above a fall to the bottom of the crevasse. after managing to climb up a wall of loose powder snow, while he was planning his route to the glacier, he described the voice as “clean, sharp and commanding” and “always right” leading him to follow every order that it gave him; “the voice told me exactly how to go about it, and I obeyed while my other mind jumped abstractly from one idea to another.”

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  1. Valid points but a more thorough discussion is needed here.
    I.e. Examples to support your ideas and reasons/justification for the judgments that you are making.

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